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« You can not protect what you can not see. »

Traditional security and vulnerability study products omit at least 40% of what is physically wired to the network because they do not look for unknown addresses. Because these solutions take too much analysis time and consume too much network resources, they are often used outside office hours.

This means that IT security teams can not achieve complete cyber visibility on these mobile, virtual and cloud elements that were simply not present at the time of the scan.

The SPECTER solution addresses these issues and provides real-time security information, using recursive network indexing techniques and analyzing network state change through comprehensive network protocol analysis (OSPF, BGP, ARP, DHCP, DNS, ICMPv6, etc.),

Spectrum is designed to provide full visibility of the cyber situation, in real-time and dynamically, as mobile, virtual, cloud, physical and virtual network elements evolve

FlowMon ADS state-of-the-art technology

FlowMon ADS allows to understand in a detailed way what happens in the network.

FlowMon ADS uses network traffic statistics generated by routers / switches or network probes (NetFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, ...) to detect malicious behavior.

FlowMon ADS is a complementary tool to the solutions already in place, can detect advanced threats, such as targeted attacks, botnets, unknown malware, internal threats, data leaks, ... that bypass security solutions traditional.

FlowMon ADS streamlines network operations by automatically detecting anomalies and operational issues.

FlowMon ADS - Detects network behavior anomalies - Recognized by GARTNER.
Flowmon ADS provides businesses with an advanced security intelligence solution based on Network Behavior Analysis Detection (NBAD) technology. Flowmon's Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a powerful tool used by RSSIs and security engineers around the world to increase their hold on modern cyber threats. The solution uses sophisticated algorithms and Machine Learning to automatically identify anomalies and risks on the network that bypass traditional security systems (firewall, IDS / IPS, antivirus, etc.).
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Analyze all segments of the network
Flowmon is a complete platform that includes everything you need to gain visibility and control over the network.

Thanks to Flowmon Probe sensors, no information about network traffic escapes you (up to 100 Gbps).

Flowmon collectors are designed for collection, visualization, analysis and long-term storage of network statistics.

Flowmon software modules:

   Flowmon NPMD - Gives visibility into network traffic in real time,
   Flowmon ADS - Detects anomalies by analyzing the behavior of the network,
   Flowmon APM - Analyzes application performance and improves the user experience.
   Flowmon Traffic Recorder - Full or partial recording of communications.
   Flowmon DDoS Defender - Detection and mitigation of volumetric attacks.



The exfiltration of intellectual property

Secure personal health data

Comply with the new GDPR standard



Comply with the new GDPR standard

Detection of

« Leak Paths »

computer due diligence in case of merger and acquisition

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